What to Buy at Walmart

We went to Walmart to scope out the healthy food options available and we enjoyed reminiscing about all the food we grew up eating. Whether Walmart is your store of choice or the closest store to you, we found options that work. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff there that we don’t eat very often. Some people might focus on all the foods that “are bad.” We don’t believe in “good” or “bad” foods but there are definitely options that are more health-supportive, especially when it comes to staples that you eat all the time.


We love slaw mixes because they are great for easy salads, taco toppings or stir-fry. Mmmm organic cruciferous veggies.


They have a decent selection of organic produce.


Mmmm guac. A great topping or snack.


Meat Department

We found some organic chicken. We prefer “pasture-raised” chicken but organic is next best. Avoid “vegetarian” or “grain-fed” chicken if/when you can.

Grass fed beef or bison is the way to go.

We found a couple frozen options that were grass-fed too.


Check out these ingredients. Less is more.


If beef burgers aren’t your jam we found some organic turkey burgers. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll see they also tote “vegetarian diet” as a perk, which we just said isn’t really a perk at all. But hey, organic still has higher standards so we’ll take it. Of course, pastured poultry is ideal.


Here’s another chicken option with pretty clean ingredients. Sorry for the blurry pic.


Even Pioneer Woman has some skin in the Walmart game. This option has higher sodium than ideal for daily consumption but it’s still an option and probably better than take out.


If you’re weening off daily take out or the drive-thru this could be an option for you, paired with a side of salad and dinner is served.

Pescatarian? Walmart has an excellent selection of frozen wild-caught fish. I’ve also learned from an insider that Walmart has very high standards for their sources and work diligently to combat human trafficking. Surprised? I was too.


These were hiding in the meat department. We love a potato. If you’re in a pinch these prepped ones will do!


What’s in the Aisles?

Sauces can take any protein and veggie combo and make them a meal. We found a favorite brand of sauces including a flavor they don’t even have at Whole Foods. Who doesn’t love General Tso’s? With less than 5 grams of added sugar per serving these are awesome options.


I was surprised to find this option here but YES. This one is for the soy free folks. You CAN still enjoy fried-rice.

BBQ sauces are delicious but can be tricky. A lot of them have a lot of added sugar, but we found these.


We found several brands of pasta sauce with no added sugar. We’re not sure what “sockarooni” means. Lol.

Found some high protein, grain-free, lower carb noodles to go with your sauce. The yellow lentil looks delicious.


Looking for plant based protein? Try organic lentils. Toss in soups, salads, stir-fry. So versatile and filling.

Amy’s is a classic organic brand. Chili goes great on a baked potato or served up with some salad.


I like having tuna on hand for a protein snack or fast lunch option. We recommend tuna no more than once a week. If you can find Skipjack do that, but this was the best we could find here.

Pairs great with Sir Kensington’s Mayo. It’s all the real stuff.


Broth is always a staple. They had bone broth and vegan protein broth. GREAT!


More staples are high quality cooking oils like avocado or ghee.


We love the mini kind bars as a bridge between meals. They’re low-ish on added sugar but high in real food content…aka nuts.

If dairy is a friend of yours then these are an option.

IMG-5905 (1).JPG

They had a couple jerky type options that had minimal ingredients and no-nitrates.

These had pretty simple whole food ingredients.

Try organic triscuits with your tuna salad.


These are a gluten-free staple in my house.


If you’re going to do corn, make it organic. Blue corn is great!


Deli & Frozen

Hormel isn’t my ideal brand for lunch meat, or meat in general, due to it being part of large industry farming. However, they’re listening and offer a variety of nitrate-free hormone-free meat. Definitely, the best option found at Walmart. Butterball was also the only meat you can get sliced at the counter with no added nitrates.


We found some breakfast sausage options. We both buy Applegate brand regularly.

A frozen vegetable is nice to have on hand when you’re low on groceries.


Neither of us really eats frozen meals. Not because there’s anything “wrong” with them, they just don’t really do it for us. I am usually left hungry and disappointed but these looked pretty good. Check out the kids options!


This one’s from Canada. Canada just makes good stuff.


Cauliflower crust pizza!

Watch Out for Marketing!

I know we said we were focusing on the positive but we found some products that were a little deceiving. You see, anyone can say anything on a label, but the ingredients and the nutrition facts have to tell the truth. Here’s some examples of what to look out for.

The front of the bottle says “skinny” so it must make you thin, right? NO. That’s not how it works. Also what’s wrong with fat? What’s wrong with calories? Nothing.

Check out the ingredients. When they remove nutrient dense foods like fat they have to use a bunch of gums and preservatives as a replacement. It’s not “bad” but if you have a choice, you may as well select high quality oil and vinegar over this. Our general rule of thumb is to avoid acronyms and numbers when possible.

Oh look is this mayo made from olive oil? No. No it is not…


I guess there is olive oil IN it but with water and soybean oil as the first two ingredients the packaging is a little misleading. Then there’s that acronym EDTA again. There’s lots of other mayo options.

Thanks for joining us on our adventure to Walmart. Comment and tell us what you think.

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