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Yes, you can do both. It’s OK if you desire to change your body, want to improve your health AND you wish to make peace with your body and food. We did it and we can show you how.

Client Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve lost about 9 lbs. I feel so great and my cravings are really gone and I feel like I’m in control of my body, instead of my body being in control of me.
— J.M.
I found the teachings very powerful and the coaching helped me take action from a loving place.”
— B.W.
I’ve made small changes that have made huge impacts on how I feel. I owe my health and new found well being to you two beautiful ladies!
— M.P.
I actually ended up losing about 10 lbs and 11 inches total!!! I learned which foods were causing me a TON of inflammation.
— F.W.

Learn how to stop overeating, reduce urges, and create confidence.

*Disclaimer (for the Google): Results vary because everybody is different. While all testimonials are real quotes from real clients, we don't believe in comparing your body to others. This site does not provide medical advice. We don't diagnose because we are not medical doctors. Beth is a Registered Dietitian and Jessica is a Certified Food & Life Coach. 

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