Ya know, utopia!

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For the last many years I have wondered what the world would look like if everyone was truly well?  If we did actually "cure"  (really, mostly prevent) the diseases that are largely preventable by diet and lifestyle.  If we all had access to real food, didn't sit on our asses for 10-12 hrs a day, and put all kinds of shitty things in our body either willingly or unwillingly - ya know, utopia - what would that look like?  

I like to believe that when people feel good they are more productive towards society, and not the society that is just capitalistic - work, work, work for money and things - but the kind of productivity that brings them joy and makes the world go round. Maybe that joy is helping others who need to be lifted, or maybe that joy is simply taking pride in a job that must be done to keep it all going.

I like to believe that the need for so many hospitals, doctors, nurses, specialists, and even dietitians, like myself, are no longer needed. Most of those people would be free to choose a different career, ones that lighted their passion. Sure, there are people that choose healthcare because they genuinely want to help people and care for the sick.  But, what would society do when a major part of our commerce is no longer revolving around "curing" sick people?  

I like to believe that the work week would be more like 25 hrs a week and the rest of the time we get to be with our family, our community, ourselves.  Imagine, people well rested and working really hard for 25 hours a week! They would be much more productive in that shorter amount of time and more care would be given to those tasks. Just because we aren't "working" 40-70 hrs a week doesn't mean we are less than, in fact I think all that work contributes to being less than whole.

I like to believe that as a society that we all do a few things that we don't truly enjoy wether that be trash collection or farming or manual labor for a short time period just to make us all even - there is no I'm better than you because of this rank in society - remember this utopia - we're all in this together. 

Because in the end, aren't we all here together now trying to keep this blue marble floating in space our perfect home?  

What would you do if you were truly well?  


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