Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow

I want you to know I wasn't always smart about food or nutrition. In fact, I'm still learning. Not too long before today, I faced my own trials and tribulations in the misguided world of weight loss and the harsh world of being a woman in modern times. I thought I would share so we could have a giggle about it and maybe gain a little wisdom along the way.

There was that one time I attempted a liquid cleanse and gave up after 34 hours. That was just so ridiculous I actually still have strong emotions when people tell me they plan on doing this. FYI, you really need fiber to support your detox systems. I have tried logging meals down to the calorie and tracking points but once I stopped those I found myself right where I started. Nothing lasted longer than a few months. One time, a long long time ago, I found a 100% pineapple based diet that I tried which only lasted a day. I wonder if any of my High School friends remember that day. I'm actually still really into pineapples though. I don't have any tattoos but if I did I think I'd get a pineapple. My Instagram handle is @pineapplespearson. 

 The 90's and 00's presented some challenging times for me. I know I wasn't alone. I wince when I see an ad for some crazy diet or a post by some "expert" claiming that a restrictive way of eating is the answer. I am reminded of the large population of people that are going through the struggle to find sanity in an environment overflowing with information. I want them to know that this kind of stress about health is unhealthy and it doesn't have to be this way. 

Looking back at all of this, I realized that I was basically the same size for those two decades. I was signing myself up for volunteer mental and physical torture. And, for what? I didn't need to lose weight, I needed an attitude adjustment. 

"But Jessica, what about me? I really do need to lose/gain weight." I hear you. And what I want you to know, like REALLY take away from this, is that there is no diet, magic pill, shot, fix, shake or procedure that can give you the same life-long confidence as doing the deep work. How exhausting is it to start and stop something over and over? Let's put an end to the madness! You can learn to simply live a life full of joy which leads to the body you are meant to have. It might take more time and a little effort but once you free your mind the rest really does follow

The 90's did however kill it in the music department, IMO.

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