What is Food Freedom?

What is food freedom?

What is food freedom?

In the quest to make peace with your body and food you might see the phrase “food freedom” and be wondering what the heck that actually means. 

Food freedom is gaining an understanding of what will nourish your body in any given moment and leaning into that by taking aligned action. It’s feeling confident in making a conscious choice. 

You’re free when you stop relying on all the external BS and make choices that serve your highest good. You’re free when you learn to take responsibility for your choices and realize you have personal autonomy. That doesn’t mean you’ll start choosing kale salad for every meal for the rest of your life. It does mean that you’ll eat for reasons that you feel good about, whatever that means to you.

Some weight loss clients hope that it means they will be able to eat whatever they want whenever they want. The caveat is this. Yes, when you have a healthy relationship with food you won’t restrict anything based off fear or self-loathing. However, you may choose to forgo certain foods at times because you’ll know from a place of love that it’s not going to serve you now. 

The difference between food freedom and food prison is all about your thoughts about food and the feelings that your thinking creates.

Food is a circumstance. Food will always be a part of your life. You can’t cancel every BBQ and every birthday cake for the rest of your life and why would you want to? What needs shifting is what you believe about these situations and the food that is a part of them. What will you need to learn to believe to feel free around food? 

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