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Are you looking to create the body and life you've always wanted and to finally stop yo-yo dieting?  I have just the thing for you!


Yes, even you - just be consistent! 

Yes, even you - just be consistent! 

It's wild, it's crazy, it's completely not the thing you want to hear.  I get it.  Consistency takes time, it's not overnight, it's not a magical unicorn of sweet satisfaction of chiseled arms and legs.  But, even the folks with those bodies do one thing, and it's consistently working their body (maybe more HOURS per week then you or I are willing to do) AND consistently fueling their body meticulously to maximize their training efforts.

So even us normal folks can get results, just like the super ripped - we have to be consistent with movements that work the body and with proper, real, whole foods. 

It's the same way of how maybe someone got their body out of shape - there was a consistent lifestyle of not moving/working their bodies and not eating to support health.  

I bring all this up, because this has been my morning mantra of late.  I have been doing great with food and working out 2x per week with a sprinkling of yoga. But being 38, metabolism is not exactly on my side so 2-3 days out of 7 just isn't going to cut it,  even general overall health.  

So let's cozy up and embrace the sexiness of consistency and be on the healthful side of it and not consistently letting life demands control you. Email, work, to-do's will always be there and it's ok to set up some boundaries so you can take care of yourself, consistently. 


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