The Truth about Seltzer Water

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Most of our clients love bubbly water. Do you ever wonder how much is too much?

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LaCroix often displaces flat water

Flat water is necessary to support neurotransmitters, hormones, proper organ function and so much more. If you’re drinking a ton of sparkling water, you’ll need to make room for flat water too.

Drinks like LaCroix may displace proper nutrition

If you’re drinking more than two cans per day you may be full of bubbles and feel less hungry. If you’re trying to lose weight you might think that sounds like a benefit but it is not. Healthy weight loss is successful when our body receives adequate nutrients from an abundance of whole real foods. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, you want to be sure you’re getting what you need to support general health and reduce risk factors for inflammation and disease.

Seltzer may cause gas

If you’re feeling gassy or bloated and you drink a lot of sparkling water you may want to consider reducing your intake. It could be the excess gas from the water or it may be altering your gut health. See below for more on that.

It may alter your gut health

An excess of sparkling water may dilute natural stomach enzymes and acid, especially water with sodium bicarbonate in the ingredients. Diluting your ability to digest properly can lead to heartburn, indigestion, and long-term health problems.

Sparkling water does have some benefits.


LaCroix is a good alternative to soda

If you’re someone who’s drinking daily diet soda or sugary drinks, this is a healthier alternative that helps many people transition to drinking more flat water. We sometimes recommend a sparkling water with just an ounce of juice for added flavor as a fun drink.

Sparkling water is a good alternative to alcohol

Nobody will notice if you replace a round of drinks with a topo chico and lime. Reducing alcohol has exponential benefits including weight loss and reduced risk of disease. Plus, no hangover the next day. 

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It's OK to partake in the seltzer buzz but be sure you're staying hydrated with flat water too. You have this one body. Be sure to listen to it.

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