I'm a sharer, I can't help it. Here's some more of my sharing...


I love the share feature on facebook, buuuuut I'm pretty sure that 99% of my friends on facebook would like for me to stop sharing.  

I can't help it! I'm a sharer. 

I love to tell people about things that could make the world a better place. Sometimes that means knowing where all the killer taco places are in town or where you get your energy aligned.

Yes, I'm that friend.  I've been referred to as the human google from time to time. Hmm, is that good? I think that's good.

I will round up some articles I have read and share them with you on a regular basis, not daily so it's not a constant bombardment of MORE content shoved in your eyeballs every second. 

  • Do you follow NASA on instagram? You should, it's amazing. 
  • Washington Post: No Food is Healthy. Not Even Kale.  Good reminder that we all think about food way too seriously or in terms of black and white of good or bad.  Let's eat food because it provides us with nourishment, enjoyment, and the ability to kick-ass at life regardless of what we do.
  • PCOS research is getting interesting:
  • Our gut health controls us! Interesting fact: when we are born we are ~99% human, 1% bacteria and by the time we expire it's nearly the inverse of that.  So are we just here to carry bacteria around? Oh man, that makes the "Why are we here?" conversations strange.

That's enough for now.  

Until next week's round-up,




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