How to Tame Your Inner Mean Girl

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Your inner mean girl is that voice inside your head that tells you things that I hope you would never say out loud to anyone.

She tells you that you’re not good enough. She is fearful and she is hurt but indulging in her old stories is not something you have to do anymore. You can choose new stories.

Some people believe that being hard on themselves is motivating, but the opposite is true. When you think negatively about yourself you will take actions that validate these thoughts and create the exact result you DON’T want.

When you feel not good enough, you act not good enough and that’s where most people get stuck.

When you can learn to watch your mean girl and let her hang out at the party without engaging in nasty gossip about yourself you’re free to mingle and try on other ideas about yourself. You can grow to believe other things that motivate you to take aligned actions with your goals and dreams. You get the results you desire by thinking like the person who’s already achieved them.

It takes commitment and it takes coaching because unfortunately you can’t just go from “I loathe my thighs” to “My thighs are AMAZING.” It would be amazing if we could take that leap, but there’s a bridge that is made along the way.

This is the work that most diet plans ignore. Without addressing the root of your overeating, emotional eating, or binge eating then you’ll be stuck in diet mentality. Most nutritionists are not trained in this mind-set work but we sure hope they learn and fast, because we ALL need this support. Beth and I have coaches too!

We still see our inner mean girl time to time, we love her anyway, and move on. You can do it too! Learn how to tame your inner mean girl and start getting results that last.

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