Feel the feels for veggies

Please don't hate veggies, they are plants that have nothing but good will to share. Can you feel it? It's a good vibration, a sweet sensation. 

Friendship is Magic

She is Feelin' It - all the plant magic love

She is Feelin' It - all the plant magic love

Phytochemicals are biologically active compounds in plants, they make up the smells, colors and unseen things that are truly magic when unleashed into your body. You know that vitamins and minerals are part of every single cell and metabolic process in your body (all the engines that could to make it all go without you even noticing).  Well, those phytochemicals work with those vitamins and minerals to help your vision, protect your cells from breathing in our fine city air, fend off cancer, are anti-bacterial, support your hormones, and so on.  To boot, science is still learning about all these plant magic compounds because there are so many of them and their various interactions they have with biological activity.   

Did someone say fiber?

Vegetable fiber begs to be respected and revered as your own personal pipe cleaner as it gyrates through the small intestine (which has taken all the nutrients from said vegetables) and into the large intestine.  Ah yes, here it comes, poop talk.  

Fiber is needed for great poops, poop gets the junk out. Fiber reduces risk for colon cancer, colon disorders, and it feeds our bacteria, which in return does SOO many things. Just to name a few benefits of bacteria they produce needed fats and vitamins, aid in immune health, has a role in mood, and blood sugar control. Oh the list keeps growing about our awesome residents inside, more on that another time.

Eat the rainbow, a large sized rainbow

We don't all have to be in love with kale and beets because that is the 2010's thing to do.  But, really when was the last time you tried them and how were they cooked?  Did they come out of a can, because that really is a low point for highlighting any vegetables awesome taste.  Eating common vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, red peppers, eggplant, carrot, asparagus, winter squashes, sweet potatoes are just fine. Or get all crazy and see what you can do with kohlrabi, bok choy or an acorn squash. 

Please just eat vegetables and eat a variety of colors.  Each color and vegetable has it own phytochemical and nutrient composition to give you different magical experiences in your cells.

The 5 a day campaign was nice and all, but it's really more like double that for true health benefits.  Serving size is about 1 handful of raw veg = 1 cup = 1 serving.  Most days you may need to get in a couple handfuls of veggies with breakfast to get all that you need in per day. Just try not to murder your veggies by frying them or cooking them into a sad mush.  

Just remember...

Plants are life.  WE are life, therefore plants = life for us.


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