Decision Fatigue

You make a lot of decisions every day. You decide what to wear, what to eat, what you will do, how you will do it. Much of your decision making is on probably on autopilot where you’re going through the comfortable motions of life.

Sometimes it might feel like you’re bouncing between your circumstances, allowing life to decide for you. Then, there’s the stuff “you don’t know” so you postpone making a decision by indulging in confusion or overwhelm. That’s where a lot of people get stuck or start to experience decision fatigue, when your ability to make quality decisions fades from making so many choices. You’re just so over the idea of having to make yet another choice that you just say “forget it” and let your emotions drive the ship.

The best habit you can build is learning how to decide ahead of time so you reduce the number of decisions you make day to day, save time, build confidence and get results.

Have you decided you will stop overeating? Have you decided you will lose weight? Have you decided to break up with your inner mean girl? Once you decide on what you want, and you commit to it, then you can do it. It can be so simple!

The reason you’re not doing this yet is because of your brain.

You have your primal brain that monitors your safety. Its main function is survival. When something in your life is uncertain this is the part of your brain that tries to take charge because it dislikes the unknown and will do everything in its power to keep you safe (aka the same).

Then you also have another part, your prefrontal cortex, which provides your higher cognitive functions and is the most advanced technology you own. It's really great at planning and decision making. This part of your brain gets to shine when you feel safe or when you’ve learned how to access it consciously.

When you learn how to make decisions consciously you will also get better results by increasing your rate of action. Think about this, when you put off a decision you’re also putting off the “doing” of the stuff that creates results. Without action, you won’t get results. Once you make a clear decision you are now available to take action.

Do you see? Indecision holds you back. Confusion is a waste of your precious time. Your brain is comfortable with indecision and confusion because that's what it is used to.

What are you currently in confusion about? Is there a choice that you’re holding back on? Why? Tell us in the comments!

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