Is Halo Top Healthier?

As with anything in the world of nutrition, the "best" answer is probably "it depends." It depends on what you're goals are, what your current health condition is, and what it will take to get you there. 

However, because I'm working on strengthening my throat chakra I'm just going to say it. No, we don't think Halo Top is "better" for you or "healthier" for you than regular ice cream. All medical conditions aside, we compared chocolate Halo Top with chocolate Haagen-Dazs to show you why we really don't think Halo Top earns the hype as a "healthy alternative."

The Differences Between Halo Top and Haagen-Dazs

Is Halo Top Healthier than Regular Ice Cream?

Is Halo Top Healthier than Regular Ice Cream?

Let's Break It Down

  • Halo Top markets their product as a "Great Source of Protein" right on the package. Haagen-Dazs delivers the same amount of protein per serving.

  • Halo Top also promotes eating the WHOLE pint and brags that the whole pint will deliver 20 grams of protein (so would Haagen-Dazs).

  • Halo Top brags about their calorie count..."320 calories per pint." Well, okay so it's lower on what? Who needs an entire pint of ice cream? Sure, we've done it, but is it healthy? NO.

  • Also if you ate the whole pint of Halo Top you'd be served up 52 total carbs, 24 grams from real sugar, which more than a single serving of regular ice cream.

Halo Top Choco.png

Halo Top is Diet Food Feeding Diet Mentality

  • Ice cream is Ice cream. It's not vegetables. Can we agree on that? What is the reason to make something like ice-cream "healthier?" Please reflect on that.

  • Trying to hack a food so you can binge eat "guilt free" is bullshit. Is that really a healthy habit to practice?

  • Reducing calories by reducing the fat, implies fat is bad. We need fat for our brain and our hormones.

  • Adding a bunch of sugar alcohols and gums to make up for the real food that has been removed is just in my opinion sad. Real food trumps "food like stuff" when it comes to seeking a "healthier" option. Also carbs aren't the enemy, necessarily.

  • Your brain actually prefers Haagen Daz because you will feel (physically and emotionally process) the pleasure you seek from eating the real stuff vs faking it with the Halo Top. Think of the Europeans. They eat small amounts of the real thing and appreciate it and move on.

Haagen Dazs Chocolate.png

Do you want to finally stop eating your feelings or over-desiring food?  

Let's talk and I'll show you how.? 

The reality is that all ice cream is a treat and there may be some alternatives that can satisfy a sweet tooth but deliver more nourishment from whole real foods with less sugar than either of the options we discussed. If you're interested in making your own treats we've go you covered. 

You'll get seven different recipes including two ingredient chocolate ice cream, mojito sorbet, and chocolate chip cookie pie. 

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