The Best Diet is Consistency


I meet a lot of people who SAY they want to change, but at the end of the day, they really don't. If you say you want to change but you have no follow through then you have to assess if you, in fact, really want the outcome you think you desire. Signs of not really wanting it are endless excuses, living in denial, and pointing blame outside yourself. 

The truth is maybe you aren't ready or maybe you want something else. And that is OK.

Change is hard. It requires a lot of motivation, education, and support. When it comes to losing weight, supporting a medical condition, or building a new healthy lifestyle it takes awareness, interest, desire, action, and consistency. It is important to reframe your perspective so that this journey is a positive one. 


Sometimes we get stuck right at the beginning which is awareness. We might prefer living in denial or pointing blame outside ourselves which is not healthy. Awareness is the first step to empowerment. 

Desire must run deep. Sometimes we think we should do something when we really don't want to be doing it. Then to make matters worse we "should" ourselves into insanity. It's OK if you don't desire it. Find something new to focus on for now. If you do feel a real desire to move forward then you MUST take action.


Consistency is the biggest challenge because we have it ALL WRONG. Consistency is NOT about being perfect or giving 100% all the time. Progress, not perfection. 

All too often we go "on or off" a diet or a fitness plan or we label actions as "good or bad." And when we go off a diet or do something bad then we perceive ourselves as failures which perpetuate more poor choices and self-loathing. That's no way to live. 

Instead, we consistently pick ourselves up off the floor and keep going. We want you to learn how to listen to your body so you can honor what it needs. Big changes happen when you consistently do the small stuff. So, consistently be your own cheerleader. 

And if you really want it, we are here for you too.


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