Good or Bad?

Hi Friends,

TGIF! Moving into the weekend I had just one thing I wanted to share that couldn't wait.

A question I hear a lot when I coach our clients is, "Is this ingredient good or bad for me?" It seems like an innocent question. However, lurking in the meaning of "good" and "bad" lies a toxic thought that isn't doing anyone any favors. For example, "If I eat this cake, which may be perceived as bad for me, then I am bad for eating it." Something many women say casually to each other all the time might go something like, "Oh, we are being soooo bad! (Insert giggle and indulgence here)" This is actually not a very healthy way of thinking about the food that nourishes us. We encourage you to speak more positively to yourself because you are awesome and don't need that kind of negativity in your life. 

Food (and food-like stuff) is not inherently good or bad. It just is. We think about all food as medicine. And instead of good or bad you might think about the dose that is right for you. While having cake every single day might not be an ideal dose, having cake once in a while might be just the right Rx. Some foods, like vegetables, and high-quality foods, have a larger dose for nourishment. If understanding this allows you to relax into your choices and bring more pleasure and nourishment then that is actually really good for you. Everyone has different requirements. What's right for you? 

We just launched memberships that allow you to dive deep into your body, mind, and spirit. In addition to comprehensive lab testing you work with us to unleash your inner awesome. 

Choose to be kind to yourself this weekend and most importantly have FUN!



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