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Get the support you need to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle. From getting to the root of your digestive problems to breaking old eating patterns to supporting a medical condition and everything in between...we are here for you.

Gut Health, Food Sensitivities, Weight Management, General Nutrition, Healthy Eating & More!

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Qualified Team

Working with Path means working with both Beth and Jessica. We're a qualified team.

Our Approach

We think differently. We address the root cause. We don't believe in restrictive diets.


We work differently. Memberships and online learning provide support, accountability and community.

Gain Clarity

No more confusion about nutrition. Learn exactly how to move your health forward.

What Our Members Say...

Beth is the first health care provider that has taken the time to explain what my lab numbers mean and how food affects them. I’ve made small changes that have made huge impacts on how I feel. I owe my health and new found well being to you two beautiful ladies!
— M.P.
Beth and Jessica empowered me to realize that food really can be medicine! With Beth’s focus on functional nutrition and Jessica’s help with culinary skills, I feel like I am on a path towards healing. I feel like they care about my well-being and are willing to learn new things to help me. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to work with both of them.
— P.S.
I am doing great! I feel so much better. I’m even back at tap class twice a week.
— J.B.
Insight, empathy, professionalism and humor—that’s what I received today from Beth and Jessica. I also walk away with a considerable degree of relief that I can entrust my well-being into their extensive knowledge and care. I don’t have to carry the weight of getting well, alone. I now have two, trustworthy companions on my journey!
— L.B.
My migraines have reduced from 7 days to 2 days and they continue to lessen in severity. Thank you so much for all that you have done!
— T.T.
It was so refreshing to have the long conversation with you both and to walk away from it with a feeling like I may actually have some solutions. Thanks for being such good listeners, and you’re cool to chat with :)
— M.G.

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