Spring Detox

 A Quick Way to Reset Your HEAlth

the 28-day Whole Body detox plan is rooted in functional medicine. You’ll eat an abundance of whole real foods, Take professional grade supplements and get Live Coaching.

You’ll eat actual food. Omnivore and Vegan plans both available.

You’ll eat actual food. Omnivore and Vegan plans both available.

Join the next group: March 25th-April 20th

Weekly meetings are online

(Enrollment closes March 15th)

Your body detoxes naturally every day, however, your lifestyle or environment may be causing sluggishness or maldigestion which can create a range of symptoms including bloating and fatigue. This healthy cleanse aims to reduce inflammation and supply deep nourishment to your whole body. It’s like a big hug for your liver, kidney, and lymph systems. There’s no gimmicks here. It’s time to put down the teas and juices and do something extraordinary for yourself.

What clients are saying…

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this cleanse (I NEVER thought I’d write that sentence). I have learned so much and gained A LOT of confidence in myself and my choices. You both have really taught me how to change my life, and I’m incredibly grateful. I even had fun doing it!
— Katherine
It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated and I’m loving the results. I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m still losing because I’m maintaining new habits. I have more awareness of my behavior and how different foods make me feel.”
— Terry
It has been a couple months since I finished the detox and I am very happy that I actually reset my habits. I gained awareness of the foods that aggravate my digestive system, so I steer clear of them or enjoy them in moderation. I drink a lot more water now and I think that is a direct result of the cleanse. I am motivated to continue eating cleaner because I feel better.
— Jen

*Disclaimer: Everyone's experience and results vary because every body is different. We do not provide medical advice and we do not diagnose.

The Science Behind It (why it works!)

Not all detoxes are created equal. Your body needs proper nutrition to support natural detoxification pathways.

The graphic below shows the phases of liver detox. These are normal functions your body does everyday. However, if you're missing nutrients from lack of proper nutrition, stress, toxic exposure, etc then things can start to get sluggish.

The green boxes show the required nutrients to support your liver's natural function. Most cleanses and detox programs miss the mark on this because they are too restrictive or incomplete. Most juice cleanses don't provide adequate nutrition to support this process. 

In addition to fully supporting your liver, we'll also support your kidneys, lymph system, AND refresh your lifestyle and shift your mind-set. Cool, right?!


Your Detox Program Includes:

  • Supplement kit: One month supply of professional grade supplements curated by our Registered Dietitian. You’ll get everything you need to support optimal gut health and supplement the foods you’ll be eating. The brand we use is Apex Energetics. This is a leading brand that can only be purchased through a wellness professional, like us. They will be shipped directly to you.

  • A complete guide - Following your plan is easy when it’s viewable via computer, tablet, or phone.

  • Meal plans and recipes - Chef curated recipes and plans that are easy to follow.

  • Live weekly group meetings - Learn and get coached live each week.

  • Metabolic assessment

  • Reading material and worksheets

  • Support - message us or the group when you’re stuck

  • Special Spa Gift

Meeting Details

The next group starts March 25th.

Meetings on Mondays at 7pm.

The group will meet weekly online for 4-weeks.

Your Investment

Your total investment is $397 (includes group online meetings, supplement protocol, spa gift, and shipping)

Discount: Use code DETOX30 at checkout to get $30 off (when you pay in full only)

Payment plan: Two payments of $198.50 - first payment due at sign-up (coupon code non applicable for this option)

*While this program is wonderful for most people, it may not be right for some. This program is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. If you wonder if this program is right for you, please book a call for more information.

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