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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance, but we can provide you with the necessary paperwork so you can file with your insurance on request. You may be able to receive reimburssment for a portion of your program cost. If you are in need of labs, many of the companies we use may assist in filing with your insurance.

How is Path Nutrition different?

We use integrative and functional principles. We believe there is no one way of supporting health. Each person's body is unique in how it responds to food and the environment we live in. We look at all aspects of health and lifestyle. Food and nutrition are important but so are sleep, movement, stress levels, personal relationships, and community. Jessica and Beth also work with how your thoughts are unknowningly blocking your ability to reach and maintain your long term health goals. We cover the what, why and how, as well as the follow through. We'll listen, guide, and push you to become the best version of yourself.

What conditions do you support?

We support clients with issues pertaining to gut health and weight loss. Some reasons you might come see us are: GI Disorders, IBS, Leaky Gut, Migraines, Low Energy, Brain Fog, Skin Conditions, Auto-Immune Disorders, Candida, Food Sensitivities, Insulin, Resistance, Inflammation, Weight Loss, Fatty Liver and more! If you have questions about whether or not we can support your needs, please schedule your free consultation.

What if I don't like cooking or don't know how to cook?

That's OK, we help you with that too! As part of your program we offer cooking tutorials, grocery tours, meal planning exercises, and so much more. We want to educate you so you can make your own proactive changes and develop mindful eating habits.

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