Jessica, I have a question.

Even though I see Jessica almost every single day and we have lengthy conversations about all sorts of things, I sometimes forget that I don't check in with her on her feelings about work and life.

I have these conversations on the regular with my other friends, I've taken the deepness of the relationship for granted. So I emailed her late one night some of the things I was curious about. I liked her responses, so I'm sharing with you.  Remember, I'm a sharer :

Q:  With Path being your first time at being an entrepreneur, what made you decide to go in business for yourself vs. staying with a company?

A: I've been building up to this for a long time. Every job I took and degree I accomplished was for this. I always knew that eventually I'd have a business but I was never confident in exactly what I could offer before now. It was important to me to see a clear vision of what owning my own business looked like before I did it. Together, you and I developed something I'm passionate about and that serves the needs of our community. Yah, OK, that was kind of a boring answer. I guess the other truth is that being your own boss has so many rewards that I knew being an entrepreneur was the right path for me. The challenges are just opportunities to grow. And, how can I turn down the opportunity to collaborate with one of my best friends?! It was just the right time to say YES.

Q: What has been the biggest a-ha moment you have learned from nutrition theory that has benefited your personal health?

A: This is hard to answer because I've learned so much and learn something new daily. Something that helped me and always wows our clients is understanding what we really are supposed to be eating to maintain health. There is so much information out there and we are all brainwashed to think less is more. Teaching clients to eat an abundance of the right foods and how to practice mindfulness is also something I practice more now than ever before. 

Q:  Dream meal? 

A: I'm a full experience kind of dreamer. My current fantasy meal is having a bento box in Japan for breakfast with Josh. Is that too specific? :) I've been gravitating to more simple food concepts but I still really appreciate quality. Appreciating the environment is always a pleasure. I feel like I would just really enjoy the experience of having some authentic tomago while people watching in a new place. We would go hit up a legit onsen(hot springs) afterward. Hey, maybe you and Bill could come with us?!

Q: Ok back to work feelings.  What is the most satisfying part of your job?

A: Nothing compares to seeing a client have that "a-ha" moment in the office. Or, when we receive kind words from a client, that feels amazing. It motivates me in a lot of ways.

Q: I'm not sure why I've never asked this: What is the one thing that you want clients to walk away with? 

We live in a culture of "busy" where we often get disconnected with how we feel physically and emotionally. When a client walks away with the knowledge of how to listen and respond to what their body is telling them I know we did our job. 

Thanks, I'm glad we had this talk! 

A very tasty meal we had on girls trip vacation last summer in Mexico.

A very tasty meal we had on girls trip vacation last summer in Mexico.


Stayed tuned for the questions Jessica asked me.

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