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Hey hey hey all,

We know that blogs are so 2013 and you're overwhelmed by facebook, but we still want to connect with you.  To be honest unless we pay for a post on facebook, you are not likely to see it on your newsfeed. It's true, we get to see the numbers. 

Sometimes Beth really wants to share some health related stories she feels has a useful message, and sometimes she just wants to share her real-life experiences of creating health and love in her wild life with two kids, a job, and busy husband. She's not perfect, nor is she striving towards that, so here she can show you balance!  

Jessica usually has something insightful to say about life and balance.  She also is kick ass at making simple dinners look like gourmet.  She can teach us all some good tricks.  

Fair warning, we might start talking about poop... a lot, well maybe a medium amount.  It's a popular topic amongst the two of us.  You are giving us that weird look, asking why we talk about poop so much.  Well your poops (or maybe lack thereof) are like the window to your health. It's sort of like the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul". Where's that poop emoji when you need it?

Welcome and we look forward to sharing our daily musings.  Oh and life does happen, sometimes daily will mean every other day or so (if posting something will create stress, it just isn't going to happen that day).

With all of our love and hugs,

Jessica and Beth



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