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A Better Body is one you love and nourish. Before you try the next diet or food fad, we invite you to try our online Boot Camp. We spent over a decade devoted to learning about nutrition, food, and functional health. Through hundreds of personal interactions with our clients we know that too many people are simply overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Worse, they believe that restrictive diets are the only way to get back on track, even though we know the results from these diets don't last. This may be your story, or maybe you're searching for a life of profound health and energy where your body is supported from the inside out. No matter where you are, this is a great step on a path to healing and finding health.

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Free Yourself from the Yo-Yo

We know you want to be healthy. We also know you might be confused about what that even means or how to do it. Maybe you're frustrated because you don't feel great or look the way you wish you did. If you desire to find the healthy road between dieting and "being off the wagon," we're here to help you get clear and move your health forward. 

The Ugly Truth About Dieting

Diets are the only thing we buy, that when they fail, we blame ourselves and buy another one. How unfair is that? It's not your fault. This is a multi-billion dollar industry designed to keep you failing so you keep buying. Remember, if they "worked" you wouldn't have to keep doing them and there would be no obesity epidemic. With the right education and mind-set you can go through life without ever buying into another restrictive fad diet again. We'll show you that it's not about battling your will power or cravings. We want you to feel amazing; and yes, look good, too. 

Learn How to "Own It."

The internet is an endless blackhole of information and it is very challenging to weed through the misinformation and bad advice. How many times have you googled something only to end up buying something that didn't work, scared yourself into believing you had an incurable illness, or became frustrated and overwhelmed about what to do next? We're going to put an end to this nonsense. You'll gain confidence in knowing what healthy means for you and your unique body. 

Boot campers are saying*

This boot camp has become a moment in my life that a shift occurred. I can feel it in my bones. This truly was the key to a new way of life. It’s strong groundwork and I’m so thankful.
— J.S.
Thank you both so much for opening this course up. Multiple points of today’s webinar really, really, really resonated with me. Like, hit the nail completely on the head. Looking forward to trying the exercises and next week’s webinar!
— B.E.
I can’t recommend this course enough! Ditch the self-guilt trip! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to obtain the tools to build a better relationship with their body, their food choices, and their overall health.
— J.F.

*Disclaimer: Everyone's experience and results vary because every body is different. We do not provide medical advice and we do not diagnose.

In the time it takes to watch a season of your favorite show, you could learn how to build a better body & mind.

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Here's What You'll Learn in Better Body Boot Camp

Module 1: Awaken 

  • Introduction to Mind-Body Nutrition and the benefits

  • Identify toxic thoughts and bring awareness to what may be holding you back

  • Learn the puzzle pieces of your health and how they fit together

  • Learn the best way to boost metabolism and reduce stress

Module 2: Release

  • Identify your empowered goals and release old goals that no longer serve you

  • Learn how to be your own coach and get the results you want

Module 3: Nourish

  • You'll learn what nourishes you and how to make positive choices for yourself with confidence and true desire

  • Get clear on basic nutrition, macronutrients, and food quality (this is the part where you learn WHAT to eat)

  • Learn how to set fire to your imaginary wagon (no more on or off the diet wagon-seriously)

Module 4: Connect

  • Learn how to get more balanced natural energy

  • Are you getting all your nutrients?

  • All about gut health

  • How detox and your liver actually work

Module 5: Practice 

  • What is a healthy meal?

  • Cooking without recipes is our fool proof way to get dinner done fast and easy

  • Weekly meal planning without meal prep

  • Grocery shop like a champ (coming soon!)

This Course is for You if You're any one of these:

  • You want more energy

  • You desire more self confidence

  • You're interested in getting out of diet mentality

  • You thirst to learn something new about your body and nutrition

  • You crave a more positive relationship with food and your body

  • You're inspired to take responsibility for your health

  • You're in need of some motivation to get started on your personal path to health

This Course is Probably NOT for You if:

  • You are not ready to learn something new

  • You believe that your health is out of your control

  • You’re uninterested in the “why” behind unwanted weight

How it Works-The technical stuff:

  • Your enrollment unlocks instant access to the five modules with video lessons, worksheets and more.

  • Each lesson has helpful tools and guides for additional support

  • The course is available to you 24/7 and you receive lifetime access

  • Get access to NEW content as it's added

  • Get access to LIVE virtual group support meetings

  • Student online forum for group support

The Total Value for This Course is $390


Includes LIFETIME access to everything listed:

  • The full Better Body Boot Camp - Awaken, Release, Nourish, Connect, Practice and NEW content ($99 value)

  • BONUS #1 LIVE Online Q&A Workshops ($97+ value)

  • BONUS #2 Community via a Private Facebook Group ($97+ value)

  • 24/7 lifetime access to the course from your computer, iPad/tablet, or phone ($97 value)

Get Everything Today for Only $19.99

Whether this is your first step on your health journey or a pearl you’re picking up along the way, we’re happy to offer an affordable program that’s packed with value. Your investment gets you instant access to the program.

100% Risk-Free*

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*7-Day Money Back Guarantee: If after 7-days from purchase you are not happy with the course you may request a full refund. We reserve the right to request evidence of completion of the course. 

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