Reset your body and your mind. Renew a sense of well-being.

January 24th-February 21st

Do You…

  • Feel fatigued, sluggish or generally bleh?
  • Experience headaches or migraines?
  • Have aching joints and muscles?
  • Feel unfocused or foggy?
  • Have digestive problems or uncomfortable bloating?
  • Feel confused about what healthy means for you?
  • Need a boost for long-term wellness?

If so, Reset 360 can help renew your sense of well-being. Read about our unique approach to cleansing and learn why it is different from other detox methods.

Why Reset360?

Simply put, life happens. We are exposed to chemicals in our foods, home cleaning products, beauty products, and the environment. Our bodies' detoxification organs, the kidneys, liver, lymph, lungs, intestines, and skin work hard to clear these on their own every day.

However, due to factors such as genetics, stress, dietary choices, lifestyle, medications, and exposures outside of our control can vary our ability to neutralize and excrete toxins. This reset gives your body extra support to do what it does best.

We'll also address toxic thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Not only will your body feel better in just a few weeks, you'll reconnect with your values, boundaries, and goals with higher perspective.

How is Reset360 different?

Reset 360 is an integrative group program designed to reset your body and mind.  It is a multifaceted program that is intended to support the immune, filtering, cleansing, and metabolic systems, and so much more. In addition to your physical body we'll support your emotional well-being and strengthen your mind-body connection. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.27.34 PM.png

Most cleanses or detox programs fall short. Too many programs disregard science by not ensuring you have the proper nutrients to support your body's natural detoxification pathways. Without proper support you may actually do more harm than good. Or, you may just be wasting your time and money and that sucks. 

Not only does Reset360 rely on science and enhanced nutrition, we include a nourishment component that creates a more positive relationship with food and your body for life. 

The Science of Detoxification Pathways

This diagram shows the phases of liver detox. These are normal functions your body does everyday. However, if you're missing nutrients from lack of proper nutrition, stress, toxic exposure, etc then things can start to get sluggish.

The green boxes show the required nutrients to support your liver's natural function. Most cleanses and detox programs miss the mark on this because they are too restrictive or incomplete. Most juice cleanses don't provide adequate nutrition to support this process. 

In addition to fully supporting your liver, we'll also support your kidneys, lymph system, AND refresh your lifestyle and boost your mind-set. Cool, right?!


    Detox360 is a group program that supports your whole body with food, vitamins, and lifestyle support...because you're a whole amazing person.

      This program includes a manual with easy-to-use food guides, recipes, daily journals, and detailed explanations of how it all works. We will walk you through step-by-step with clear explanations of how to complete each week's varied regimen. The weekly meetings will introduce you to the new material, offer support, and we'll even have a little fun! The last group meeting is part celebration, part guidance on how to continue your wellness path.

      Our reset plan integrates four key approaches:

      1. Dietary support of the body's natural detox processes with an emphasis on whole foods and elimination of known inflammatory and allergenic foods
      2. Lifestyle practices, such as regular movement, healthy sleep habits, self-care activities and more
      3. Stimulating kidneys, lymphs and liver through physician-formulated homeopathic drainage formulas
      4. Support of liver detox pathways

      Is there food? (*crosses fingers)

      Yes, you'll eat food! Your body needs nutrients to support natural detoxification pathways. You'll eat an abundance of whole foods, organic produce, high quality proteins and fats. We focus on what you can have, not what you can't. We'll provide you delicious recipes and meal ideas to make it interesting and tasty. There is no need to count calories or keep track of numbers. This is not a diet.

      This program is friendly for both omnivores and vegetarians/vegans. 

      OK, so what's the plan?

      We'll meet at our office on Wednesdays starting Jan. 24th and the program ends on Feb 21st. 

      Decide which group meeting time you'd like to join. 

      Morning group: 10am-11:30am

      Evening group: 7pm-8:30pm

      These meetings will be educational, supportive, and FUN. You'll sample recipes, create meal plans, navigate road blocks, learn lifestyle tips, get support and more. We'll go over everything you need to know in our first meeting.

      Not in Austin? Ask us about our limited virutal spots. 

      OK, let's do this! How much?

      The Reset360 is $499 and includes: 

      • Metabolic assessment
      • A printed detailed guide for the program 
      • A virtual guide - viewable via computer, tablet, or phone
      • Supplement kit: ClearVite, Nourish Greens, MetacrinDX, OmegaCo3, and three targeted drainage formulas.
      • Meal plans and recipes
      • Reading material and worksheets
      • Educational videos
      • Weekly meet-ups
      • E-mail support
      • Tote bag with special gift

      Payment plan: Reserve your spot with $250 before January 10th. Second payment due January 24th, at the first meeting. 

      Do you love discounts? Pay in full and save $25.

      *All confirmed enrollees will receive a 15-minute health assessment with our Registered Dietitian to be sure they are eligble for the program. While this program is wonderful for most people, it may not be right for some. If deemed ineligble you will receive a refund.

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