Make Dinner Easy

Eating healthy allows us to live our best lives so we have time and energy for creative expression, physical activities, and experiencing joy with loved ones. However, if we spend too much of our time and energy stressing out about health then it becomes counter-productive. 

I sometimes say it's all about balance but we are never really in balance. There are ebbs and flows, and we teach you how to ride the wave with the confidence that you won't get knocked off your board and drown in a sea of despair. OK, that's a little dramatic. You can find nutritional freedom and reach your health goals.

One way to make life simple is finding ways to outsource a dinner or two per week. Our favorite meal delivery resource in Austin right now is Cilantro Lime. Their recipes are delivered to your home. It allows you to bring some ease to the kitchen while staying connected to the food you eat. It's educational, it's healthy, and most importantly it's delicious. 

We partnered with them to select our favorite meals that meet our nutritional criteria. They created a filter called "Path" so you know exactly what to order. What are you waiting for? Order dinner for date night or any night of the week.