Don't feel your best and tired of guessing how to fix it?  Do you know what you should be eating, but don't?  Maybe you do eat well and you still feel bad?  Stop guessing and let a Registered Dietitian and a Lifestyle Coach guide you to a new you.


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You may be eating your feelings or having mystery GI symptoms, each one of those paths to health is unique to you and your life.  Let an experienced nutrition expert and lifestyle coach guide you on a custom transformation for a healthier you.

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Who is Path?

Path Nutrition is your personal nutrition cheerleaders, science investigators and lifestyle coaches.  Beth and Jessica work as a team with you to navigate your personal journey to health.

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Sharing is caring.  Find a wide variety of resources from our blog, recipes, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  There's something for everyone.

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Our Practice

We are physically located in Austin, TX and have an office located centrally, but we can see you from anywhere with our virtual services.


Find the courage to get out of your own way so you can have the health and life you deserve. We're ready when you are!

— Beth and Jessica

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