Frequently Asked Questions


What Conditions Do you Support?

We support clients with most issues pertaining to gut health and general nutrition. Some reasons you might come see us are: GI Disorders, IBS, Leaky Gut, Migraines, Low Energy, Brain Fog, Skin Conditions, Auto-Immune Disorders, Thyroid Disease, Hormonal Imbalances, Candida, Insulin Resistance, Food Sensitivities, Inflammation, Weight Loss, and more! If you have questions about whether or not we can support your needs, please schedule your free consultation.

Do you Take Insurance?

We do not take insurance, but we do provide you with the necessary paperwork so you can file with your insurance. If you are in need of labs, many of the companies we use may assist in filing with your insurance..

How is Path Different Than a standard Practice?

We use integrative and functional principles. We believe there is no one way of supporting health. Each person's body is unique in how it responds to food and the environment we live in. We look at all aspects of health and lifestyle. Food and nutrition are important but so are sleep, movement, stress levels, personal relationships, and community. Path Nutrition offers full service support. When you work with Path you have a team on your side. Everything is designed specifically for you.

What is A Lifestyle Coach?

Your lifestyle coach works in tandem with your Dietitian to help you implement your wellness goals. Everyone has a different Path and needs a little boost along the way. The extra education and support provided by your coach ensures a unique experience that sets you up for success. We use mind body nutrition to support you with coaching strategies that are nourishing, doable, sustainable, and that yield results.

What Kind of labs do you use to monitor nutrition status?

  • SpectraCell
    • Micronutrient Test: Measures intracellular nutritional levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other cell metabolites
    • Also available, MTHFR, lipids, thyroid and adrenal/cortisol levels to assess nutritional support
    • MRT (Mediator Release Testing) or Food Sensitivity Test: tests for food and chemical sensitivities that increase inflammation in the gut and body that are often associated with migraines, IBS, pain, and many other conditions.
    • LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) is the immuno-calm eating plan specific to your test results and symptoms.
  • DirectLabs
    • Common labs like vitamin D, B12, and other body markers to help determine nutrition status when you are unable to obtain from your regular health care provider. Convenient and cost-effective.
  • Recent labs from your doctor
    • Using labs you obtained from your regular health care provider within the last 3 months we can assess your nutritional health.


What If I just want to Lose weight?

That's great! We approach weight loss by digging deeper and finding out what is really going on with your system as a whole. Looking at the bigger picture and addressing other issues related to hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammation, and mindful eating habits often leads to finding the body you are meant to have. There is no magic pill, diet, or shot that can do the work you need to free your mind from toxic beliefs. If you are ready to make the change we can help. You need to know we won't record your fat composition or weight during the process because we believe these numbers will naturally adjust with the other work we do. Our mind-body nutrition process will serve you more than anything you ever tried before.

Do I have to Take Supplements?

No, not everyone needs supplements, but you may need to take some short-term to bring the body back into balance that you simply can't achieve through diet alone.

What if I don't know how to cook or Don't Enjoy it?

That's OK, we help you with that too! As part of your membership we offer cooking tutorials, grocery tours, meal planning exercises, and so much more. We want to educate you so you can make your own proactive changes and develop mindful eating habits.

Who Don't you work with?

Change is hard, which is why you are looking for help, but we don't work with people who aren't willing to do the work to make the changes needed to move their health forward, are attached to their illness, symptoms, or unwilling to give up behaviors that aren't serving your health. Education is one part of the process, but without action on your part we can't make changes.