We teach you how to have both because having to choose is just mean

We teach you how to have both because having to choose is just mean

We know you want to live a healthy life. We also know you might be confused about what that even means or how to do it. Maybe you're frustrated because you don't feel great or look the way you wish you did. We're here to help you get clear and move your health forward. 

Hold My Spot

Work with a Registered Dietitian & Certified Food Coach

We've spent over a decade devoted to learning about nutrition & food. Through hundreds of personal interactions with our clients we know that too many people are confused by the overwhelming amount of information out there. Worse, they believe that restrictive diets are the only way to back on track, even though we know the results from these diets don't last. This may be your story, or maybe you're searching for a life of profound health and energy, where your body is supported from the inside out. Either way, we have your back.

The Ugly Truth About Dieting

We've tried a lot of crazy diets in our younger years and now we're making it our business to tell you why diets don't work. Sure, they work short term, but usually you end up back at the beginning or further behind. We'll teach you how to live a happy and vibrant life without feeling like dieting is the only answer to feeling and looking great. Diets are the only thing consumers buy, that when they fail, we blame ourselves and buy another one. How unfair is that? It's not your fault. This is a multi-billion dollar industry designed to keep you failing so you keep buying. With the right education and mind-set you can go through life without ever buying into another diet, restrictive cleanse, or "magic" solution ever again, yet still feel amazing and yes, look good too. 

Get Empowered

The internet is an endless blackhole of information and it is very challenging to weed through the misinformation and bad advice. How many times have you googled something only to end up buying something that didn't work, scared yourself into believing you had an incurable illness, or became frustrated and overwhelmed about what to do next? We're going to put and end to this nonsense with this course. You'll gain confidence in knowing what healthy means for you and your unique body. 

Thank you both so much for opening this course up. Multiple points of today’s webinar really, really, really resonated with me. Like, hit the nail completely on the head. Looking forward to trying the exercises and next week’s webinar!
— B.E.

 In 4-Weeks You'll Learn How To

4-Week Nutrition Boot Camp

Summer Camp Session: June 6th

Hold My Spot

What to Expect: It's going to be a radical, fun, boundary breaking, ugly crying, laugh until you pee your pants kind of experience. 

  • Each week we host a 60-minute lesson via a webinar with Beth + Jessica (don't worry, it's recorded for 24/7 access)
  • New content is released each week and is available to you 24/7 during the length of the course (you can download everything for lifetime access)
  • Practical tools, resources, and processes to integrate these skills into real life
  • LIVE Q&A time to ask all your juicy questions and optional group discussion platforms
  • 1 hour of homework/reflection time per week 
  • Expect to dive beneath the surface, get empowered, feel more energized, and discover a new level of confidence

You'll LOVE Boot Camp If You Are:

  • Trying to manage weight
  • Have existing symptoms related to digestion/GI/gut health
  • Motivated and ready to make a change with long-term results
  • Want a healthy relationship with your body
  • Want to stop comparing yourself to others
  • Tired of yo-yo diets and empty promises
  • Ready to take responsibility for health and let go of things that don't serve you
  • Want a good mix of cheerleading with a little tough love support
  • Want to stop the cycle of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs behind weight and inflammation
  • Ready to be empowered and feel confident

Boot Camp is Probably NOT for You If:

  • You're looking for another quick fix or cleanse
  • You aren't ready to let go of comparing your body to others
  • You believe that health is out of your control
  • You aren't ready to let go of false beliefs that withhold you from reaching your goals

Curriculum Summary

Week 1: Mindfulness 

  • What is mind-body nutrition?
  • Learn how to increase your metabolism and improve your digestion for immediate results.
  • Improve your relationship with your body and food.

Week 2: Nutrition & Nourishment

  • Get clear on basic nutrition, macronutrients, and food quality.
  • You'll learn what nourishes you and how to make positive choices for yourself with confidence and true desire.

Week 3: Body Basics

  • Learn how your body works and find empowerment
  • Learn the basics of digestion, blood sugar, inflammation, gut health, and more.
  • We explain the science in a way you'll understand.

Week 4: Getting Real

  • Deepen your relationship with your body and health goals
  • Learn how to let go what no longer serves you
  • Embrace your inner Queen

Bonus: Meal Planning

  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals
  • Intuitive meal planning

This boot camp has become a moment in my life that a shift occurred. I can feel it in my bones. This truly was the key to a new way of life. It’s strong groundwork and I’m so thankful!
— J.S.
These two women are very knowledgeable in nutrition and health. They are also very kind and supportive practitioners who have helped me and many others regain their health.
This course will be well worth taking. I recommend them highly!
— T.T.

Path Nutrition Boot Camp:

Price: That's Up to You (It's all up to you)

WHY DONATION BASED? We feel called to serve and hope to share this message with as many people as possible. We believe that when you feel your best you help make the world a better place. Think of the last time you were sick and how you could barely take care of yourself, much less your family, community, and certainly not the bigger world.

Beth and I have spent years, let's be real, decades, learning this material and integrating it into our own lives. So, when it came time to put a price on this, we hit a dead end. Not because we felt uncomfortable charging in the hundreds for this course, but knowing that fewer people would have access to it made it challenging.

The outcomes you may experience, depending on how invested you are to doing the personal work, are profound. So, we ask you to first commit to doing the work then to pay what you can. Your health is priceless and at our core, we believe this course will move your health forward. The more committed you are to the course, the more you will get out of it. I'm sure you've heard that before but it's absolutely true. We can give you all the information but it's up to you to commit to yourself. Take a moment to think about what the outcome of this course means to you and what it's worth and that's your price. 


*Withdrawal by June 7th and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

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