We believe feeling awesome makes the world a better place. Our Registered Functional Dietitian, Beth Barnett-Boebel, and Food Coach, Jessica Pearson, provide a reliable source of nutrition consulting with personalized support and accountability. 

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Beth Barnett-Boebel, MS, L/RD, CLT

Registered Functional Dietitian

Beth Barnett-Boebel, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Beth Barnett-Boebel, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

The love of food and science has bobbed and weaved throughout my life to land me perfectly here at Path Nutrition with Jessica.  I never stop learning to help my family, myself, and my community.  At Path Nutrition, I have the opportunity to put what I've learned into practice every and and make a real difference for people who have suffered and struggled for years.  The body is amazing. If you trust your body's ability to heal and the process, we can heal yours together. The path is not always smooth, but I'm always there with you.

  • Registered Dietitian since 2007
  • Master’s of Science in Nutrition (University of Georgia)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Dietetic Internship (Virginia Tech) 
  • Certified LEAP Practitioner
  • Certified Plant-Based Chef 
  • Eating Psychology Coach 
  • Certification in progress: The Institute of Functional Medicine

Jessica Pearson

Certified Food Coach

Jessica Pearson, Food Coach

Jessica Pearson, Food Coach

Most chefs aren't known for being healthy, but my passion is showing you how to have a positive relationship with food. 

I know how you feel because I've been through it. I spent 18 years in the hospitality industry working stressful hours, in suits and high-heels, planning conferences and over-the-top parties. I wasn't taking care of myself the way I knew I needed to. Simply put, I felt like crap, and knew I needed a shift. When I left that career, I burned my hosiery but I kept a deep love for service. I followed my passion for food and sought to learn more about using food as medicine. I met Beth in culinary school and as we both grew in our knowledge of how what we eat affects how we feel, we decided to spread what we discovered to the world.  

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Our office is at 1601 West 6th St. Austin, TX 78703 - in Clarksville, located upstairs in the big red house on W. 6th St and West Lynn. There is free parking behind the house. 

path Nutrition: Located 1601 W 6th AUstin TX

path Nutrition: Located 1601 W 6th AUstin TX

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